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27 March
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James Potter
Full Name (including middle): James Charlus Potter
Character journal:buck_you
Date of Birth: 27 March 1960
Place of Birth: St. Mungo’s. His parents may be well off but they’re not daft enough to not go to hospital when they’re having their one and only precious son!
Any nicknames, including the embarrassing ones: Sirius and his mum are allowed to call him Jim. The Marauders call him Prongs. To everyone else, it’s James. But Lily can call him anything she likes. (If you know what I mean…)
Blood: Pure. And just to give a big fuck you to Sirius (whose own fault it will be in the event of hospitalization) A positive.
Location outside of Hogwarts: Potter estate in Devonshire.

House: Seriously? Gryffindor
Year: 6
Does your character belong to any clubs? Other than Quidditch, which is brilliant, only the ones he can bother to turn up to. (Which are few.) He sometimes shows up to Slug Club, but only if there’s going to be ice cream.
Are they a Prefect, Head or Captain? Head of Gryffindor side.
What are their best/favorite subjects? A list is fine. All of them. Apart from fucking Divination. What a load of rubbish that was. He is quite keen on Defense and Transfiguration though. For obvious reasons.
What OWLs did they receive?
Astronomy – E
Arithmancy – E
Care of Magical Creatures – O
Charms - O
Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
Divination – T (Sirius was taking it to chase after some bird and he couldn’t be left on his own the daft sod. But who really tries in Divination anyway. I mean how for fuck’s sake can you make out your future in a pile of damp tea leaves?)
Herbology – O
History - A
Potions – E (Wouldn’t want Lily to get beat out at her best subject of course.)
Transfiguration – O (I mean, really, anything less would have been sad.)
What classes have they chosen to take? Arithmancy, Charms, DADA, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration
What would they like to do after Hogwarts? What are their longterm goals? Kick arse and take names! Well…maybe be an auror, but same thing really. Or play Quidditch professionally. That would be pretty brilliant too.

When did they first exhibit signs of magical talent? You can either name the age of the character with some minor details of the story, or elaborate for us. Your choice! FROM THE DAY HE WAS BORN…okay so from the day he was three. A gnome had bitten him in the garden and he kicked it hard out of anger. Kicked it right into the next property actually…over a mile away.
Wand: Mahogany, 11”, Dragon Heartstring
Patronus: Stag (no explanation needed)
Boggart: Those great ugly blackbirds
What would they smell in the Amortentia Potion? Flowers, parchment, sea water, and the smell of the forest after a long rain
What would they see in the Mirror of Erised? Himself, Lily Evans on his arm, his friends and family all around him, healthy and whole.
What colour would their Polyjuice Potion be? Scarlet

What are your character's views on the war? Do they support a side? If so, why? Dumbledore’s man, through and through, and he’ll not be having any of this blood supremacy bollocks.
Do other people's views on Muggleborns affect the way your character will interact with them? (i.e. would your character associate with blood traitors, Muggleborns, etc? Do they have any particular feelings toward pureblood supremacists?) James is possibly the biggest fucking blood traitor in the whole damned universe. Well, besides Sirius anyway. But one could say that that colors his judgment of supremacists ever so slightly.
Will your character be an active member of the Order or the Death Eaters? How do you envision their role in the war? Order. War hero of course. (Tragic end.)
How do the views of their parents, friends, teachers, and peers affect their opinions? Are they easily influenced by the views of others? Are they a follower or a leader? James is as stubborn as stubborn come. He sticks to his gums, as the muggles say. Or is it guns? Whatever. Doesn’t make sense either way. Point is, he’s not easily persuaded. You’ve really got to be somebody to get him to change his mind.

Names of parents: Charlus Potter and Dorea Potter (nee Black)
What is their allegiance in the war? With Ol’ Dumbles
How does your character get along with them? Loves them to death to be perfectly honest.
What do they do for a living? Nothing. Dad used to work for the Ministry before he retired (he’s getting on a bit). His mum used to travel about doing charity work but as she’s getting on a bit too, she mostly tends to her garden or goes for walks down in the town.
Are they rich or poor? More than comfortable.
Are they an only child, or do they have siblings? Only child, though with Sirius there, its quite like having a brother.
If your character has any siblings, what are their names/ages? Do they get along?
What do their siblings do? Are they Hogwarts students? Do they work? Are they married?
Any pets? Names, etc... None
Give us a rundown of their family history. Are they an aristocratic family of the pureblood variety? Are they a nouveau-riche family? A mixture? A socially disgraced family? Tell us!
Oh god. Okay, well on his Dad’s side they were wealthy artisans dating back to the Middle Ages until his great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was knighted by the Muggle king. Back then, they were called Peverell, and they’d always got on with the Muggles just fine, even better now they were nobility. Always been one great big pack of blood traitors and proud of it.

On his mum’s side, well…they’re all Blacks, so what does that tell you? No doubt his mum and her whole family were blasted off that stupid tapestry. Of course they’re wealthier than Merlin, so let’s just say that the Potters have never had to struggle to make ends meet.

FRIENDS: (we suggest waiting on this section until plotting can commence!)
Who are their friends? The Marauders. And anyone else really, so long as they aren’t enormous prats or blood supremacists.
Who are their enemies? Snivellus and his mates, if you can call them that. Apparently they call themselves Death Eaters. James has a far ruder name for them.
Are they popular? Is Dumbledore gay?

Interested in (straight/bi/gay): Straight thanks. Not that it bothers him of course when people are…you know. He just wouldn’t want it…like…directed at him. He’d be flattered! I mean obviously who wouldn’t be! But just. Yeah.
Have they had any romantic relationships? AW YEAH.
Are they popular with the opposite sex? More so than he’d even like to be. It’s one thing when you can pull a girl, its another when they’re just throwing themselves at you.
Any fancies, secret or otherwise? Her name begins with L and ends in ily Evans.

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 11 stone
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Any scars/handicaps? Are you kidding? He’s flawless.
Any habits/quirks? He’s a natural righty, but he made himself ambidextrous just to annoy Sirius, who just wouldn’t shut up about how unique he was for being a lefty. Big fucking deal. Also he has a nervous habit of ruffling his hair every time Lily’s about. He doesn’t mean to and he knows she thinks its stupid, but he can’t help it.

APPEARANCE: tall, thin, untidy until you realize he can’t help the fact that his hair seems to have grown in a totally abstract pattern since the time of his birth, speccy, toned from years of playing Quidditch, smiles fine thanks very much, despite what Lily says
Likes: Lily, marauding, Lily, becoming prongs, Lily, his mates, Lily, Quidditch, Lily being the best at things, Lily, treacle tart (most food really, but especially that), Lily
Dislikes: Snape, Divination, asparagus, blackbirds (won’t even play the song), seeing his friends feeling anything less than happy
James may seem like an arrogant prat to the casual onlooker, but that’s just because they haven’t gotten to know him. You wouldn’t expect it, but James likes to keep his subtler emotions close to his chest. Anger, happiness, pride—those he can show…and then some. But things like fear, worry, rejection, love, grief. Those he has a hard time letting others see. He doesn’t like to be vulnerable around other people. What would they think of him?

He’s fiercely loyal to his friends, exceptionally bright, and quite athletic for such a thin bloke. James is also a natural born leader. He has got a bit of a temper, though between him and Sirius, he’s definitely more of the rational one. He’s gotten them out of shit more times then he’d care to think. That said, if you fuck with any one of his mates, he’ll be at your throat faster than you can say “I’m sorry.” Don't let that put you off though. He has a big heart, and he just wants people he can trust enough to share it with.

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